2020 Black British Books on my TBR

Hello everyone!

Over the years, I’ve been slowly working my way through some compelling Black Brit reads. So far I’ve loved work by a few writers of African descent who reside in the UK (or who’ve lived there for an extended period of time), like – Diriye Osman, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Warsan Shire, Chibundu Onuzo.

I still have a ways to go with regards to reading more books from this special sector of Black literature, but below are 20 books by Black British authors that are on my radar this year! Some of these books were already highlighted in my annual New Releases To Anticipate! post in January, and majority are yet to be published this year. Obviously, this list/collage is just a snippet of books by Black Brit authors 2020 has to offer. The books highlighted in this post are just the ones on my TBR list!

Please click on the images to read the blurbs and/or to purchase the books.

Bad Love by Maame Blue can be pre-ordered on Jacaranda’s website

Get a sneak peek into Maame Blue’s writing by reading her award-winning short story on AFREADA

Poor by Caleb Femi can be pre-ordered at Penguin

What other books (not necessarily published this year) by Black British authors are on your TBR?

6 thoughts on “2020 Black British Books on my TBR

  1. Thank God for good writers like yourself and others, it has helped me survive during this Pandemic season. Let me add, that’s a helluva list of books you’ve submitted but I think I have time to read them all.

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  2. I got The Girl With the Louding Voice in March, and looking forward to reading it. Another one I got is The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney (Okechukwu Nzelu). I wish I could read faster so I could enjoy all these gems as soon as possible 😂. Then again, there’s something to be said for savoring a good book

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    1. Hello Abena :). Oh yesssss ‘The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney’ is another! Published by Dialogue Books if I’m recollecting correctly. I’d love to know how you like that. I’ve been eyeing it, but not sure… And YESSS to taking your time and savoring a book. What’s the rush? Time dey! (especially now)


  3. Muvhaki Tasu has a book WHO KILLED CHATUNGA! Though not based in UK but Ireland at the moment. Your list is exceptional.


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