The Africa Center: Blogger Spotlight + LIT links mélange III

Hey everyone!

The Africa Center – which is based in New York, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary institution, provides a gateway for engagement with contemporary Africa. They’ve started a Bloggers Spotlight series that features African bloggers who have caught their eye. African Book Addict! is the first feature of the series.

Click the image below to check out the interview where I speak with Evelyn Owen about African Book Addict!, literature by writers of African descent, the literary scene in Accra and more:

Special thanks to Evelyn Owen and the team over at The Africa Center for the feature. I’m super grateful 🙂

Other interesting LIT links to indulge in:

  • Chigozie Obioma: who should I write for – Nigerians, Africans, or everyone? via The Guardian. I know a couple of Nigerians who weren’t crazy about Obioma’s debut – The Fishermen. They simply weren’t blown away by the storyline and some felt the text was laden with petty details – details that seem commonplace to the average Nigerian. I absolutely loved Obioma’s debut, but hearing a couple of readers’ complaints made me question his target audience. In this article, Obioma eloquently asserts that his writing is for everyone as he believes the best literature is accessibly to all.
  • Book bloggers are real readers via The Irish Times. Tunrayo of the blog Tunrayo’s Thoughts tweeted this AMAZING article to me last week. The article articulates and basically defends the role of book bloggers and the influence we hold. I loved it!
  •  We Can Be Heroes via Lenny Letter. In this very timely piece (Black History Month, duh!), black women writers pay homage to the women who’ve inspired them most. Featured writers include Zinzi Clemmons, Nicole Dennis-Benn, Jazmine Hughes and more!

Images via #ReadSoulLit Twitter hashtag timeline

I hope Black History Month 2017 has been inspiring so far! If you’re active on social media (Twitter & Instagram), definitely follow the annual #ReadSoulLit photo challenge (curated by Didi of Brown Girl Reading) to engage with other book lovers of African-American literature and discover many recommendations of books written by Black authors!

4 thoughts on “The Africa Center: Blogger Spotlight + LIT links mélange III

  1. Thanks for bringing me up to speed with the LIT links, and congratulations on being The Africa Center’s first feature in their Blogger’s Spotlight. “Running over there” to check it out now….

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  2. I have really enjoyed reading your interview. We have one common favourite Author, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. His book, The River Between, was one of my first novels. I have read a lot of his titles but not Matigari. I will go look for it at the library.

    Your interview/blog has challenged me. I haven’t been reading alot of Africa Literature especially after I started reading ARCs. However,it is time to reconnect with some of my favourite African authors.

    About Obioma, I really liked The Fishermen. I am surprised that some people had issues with the book.

    Wonderful, informative post!

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    1. Thanks Diana! I’d love to hear what you think about Matigari once you are done. I should purchase The River Between by Ngugi. I also really want to read his book – Decolonizing the Mind 🙂


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