Reading Goals for 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! We are in the year 2016 – how crazy is that? I’m grateful I made it to 2016 and I’m quite excited for the awesome year ahead!

I will be participating in the (2016) Goodreads Reading Challenge, as usual.

But this year, I don’t have a set goal of books to read. I’m just going to read what I can and see how far I go. As my second degree, I mentioned before that I’m currently in a 6 year dental medicine/surgeon program (class of 2020…sigh, I know!) in Accra, so I’m usually busy with school work. I tend to read the bulk of my books during the one month Christmas break and Summer break (which is about 2 months). Since I read sparingly during the school year, once Christmas or Summer break rolls along, I usually binge-read and sometimes knock out 3 books in a month, depending on my mood.

During the school year, when I have time I usually reach for the slim African Writers Series (AWS) books or short story collections. A story or two a day or just allocating 1 hour of my time to sit back and read is necessary, as I can’t be studying all the time haha. I plan on keeping this reading habit I’ve cultivated. But I do have some goals I’d like to achieve this year…

I have 4 reading goals for 2016:

  • To read a wider array of African novels. I tend to go for West African (Nigerian, Ghanaian), Kenyan and Zimbabwean fiction. I want to make a conscious effort to explore this year! More South African, Congolese, Botswana, Sierra Leonian, Namibian, Egyptian, Somalian, Mozambican fiction – anything that’s different from what I’m used to. Of course I’ll continue to read what I like, but a little more African novel diversity would be more inclusive and a fun learning experience!
  • To read more poetry. I’m not really a lover of poetry, but I’ve come across some engaging, fun and comprehendible poetry collections that I’d like to enjoy this year, for a change.
  • To read at least 1 African romance novel and/or 1 African thriller novel. When it comes to African romance fiction, I’m eyeing the chic lit/romance series from Ankara Press as well as novels by authors Nana Prah and Kiru Taye. I’m not very familiar with the thriller genre, but Liberian author Hawa Golakai’s thriller novel – The Lazarus Effect is one I’d love to read. Ghanaian author Boakyewaa Glover also has a thriller called The Justice that has been on my radar as well. We’ll see!
  • Last but not least, I’d love to give back. Instead of always talking about books, why not give some away and share? I’d like to do 2 or 3 giveaways this year – YES, I want to turn you all into African book addicts too. *Fingers crossed* 🙂

No pressure though! Reading is personal, for everyone. For me, reading is a hobby where I enjoy myself and learn new things in the process; it’s never been a competition on how many books to read – quality over quantity. I hope I can achieve these goals by the end of the year – I would be proud. With these goals set, I think I’ll be reading with a purpose this year!

Have you set any reading goals and habits for 2016? Does school, work or other life happenings affect your goals? Please do share!

Stay tuned for more reviews/book discussions and other bookish stuff throughout the year!


42 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2016

  1. Happy New Year!
    I’m not setting any goals this year either, I’m just going to read what I like, when I like.
    I am going to try and read a bit more New Zealand fiction (because my blog is supposed to be both Australian *and* NZ, but apart from that I’m just going to read widely from around the world, including (of course!) from Africa, starting with the seven I’ve already got, and then moving on to the ones suggested in 1001 Books You Should Read.
    Happy reading!

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    • Happy New Year! Yeah, reading what you like is way less pressure. Awesome, I look forward to reading more NZ reviews and of course African lit reviews! Happy reading this year and thanks for stopping by, Lisa! 🙂


  2. I am always afraid to set reading goals… there are a lot of factors involved like book availability, schedule, moods, and etc… I try to read constantly and blog as much as possible. Good luck with your reading! I lool forward to reading your reviews.

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    • Thanks Mary! Yeah, I say go with the flow! Reading what you can is less pressure. I agree, schedules, moods, book availability etc all affect reading experiences. Good luck to you too! I look forward to the books you’ll review this year as well 🙂


  3. I am always afraid to set reading goals… there are a lot of factors involved like book availability, schedule, moods, and etc… I try to read constantly and blog as much as possible. Good luck with your reading! I look forward to reading your reviews.

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    • Happy New Year Filomena! Yes, those goals have me excited to learn more this year. Do you have any 2016 reading goals? THANKS so much for the Mozambican recommendations!! I own a book by Lília Momplé, so once I’m done with that, I will def look into the recs! Thank you girl! xx


      • Not really. Kind of in a weird phase where I’ve started a bunch of books but can’t seem to finish them (just started a new one today lol) so right now I’m just trying to finish them. I’ll sit down in a bit to really think about my reading goals and maybe make a blog post about it 🙂

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    • Happy New Year, Kinna! Thanks to your review, I became very interested in ‘The Justice’. Boakyewaa Glover actually gave me ‘The Justice’ and ‘Tendai’ yesterday and I’m excited to read them at some point this year! Good luck on your reading this year 🙂


    • Awesome, Cassandra! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to read some reviews/discussions of the african lit books you’ll read this year. Stay tuned for the giveaways 🙂
      (I like your blog by the way!)


    • Happy New Year Ezzyie! Thank you girl! I like those goals – classics are solid novels. I look forward to your book recs from the books you will enjoy this year. Stay tuned for the giveaways 🙂


  4. You managed to read so much while in a 6 year intensive program–wow, what inspiration!! I’m excited to see where your reading challenge takes you and to get some good book recommendations.


    • Hey Stephanie! Thanks. Absolutely, I hope I’m able to achieve the goals too. Do you have lots of goals to achieve? Ohh, by the way, I look forward to reading your short story collection once you finish writing! Good luck 🙂


  5. Have a great reading year!
    In 2015 I read only books by women and participated in the Year of Reading Women Group, with which I read about 35 books selected by the group. Because I already had a lot of books to read on my shelves, this year I am not setting any strict goals as I want to read some of the books that have been hanging around.
    However, I am hoping to read more books from the 500 Great Books by Women list, and I’m going to read Daughters of Africa by Margaret Busby, which is likely to inspire me to look for more African (and diaspora) reads (though they might take a while to get to the top of my huge list!)

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    • I like your realistic goals Zanna. I’m trying to read all the books I’ve accumulated as well. They must be read before I get new ones haha. I look forward to your in depth reviews this year! Good luck with your challenge! (I especially look forward to the African books that make the cut!)


  6. Thanks so much for paying a visit to my blog, just cause it meant discovering yours! I’ve had my first few experiences with African literature in the past year, and I’ve loved everything I’ve read so far. Glad to have stumbled across your blog, and I’m looking forward to recommendations, and reviews!

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  7. I am taking an African literature course for school currently. I stumbled across this blog,and I love it. I love your list of books! I hope to read Needles of the Heart! I just finished Butterfly Burning and Nervous Conditions ❤

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    • Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Tell your friends in the class to stop by too! I’m glad you enjoy books written by Africans. I hope you enjoy the African lit class and that you find/ suggest some book recs on this platform! 🙂


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