New year, new set of reading intentions!

Instead of using the word ‘goals’, I’ll use the word ‘intentions’. Goals are focused on a specific achievement, while intentions are lived on a daily basis – which is how I intend my reading experience to be every year. My past reading intentions have been tough to adhere to, so this year I hope to set some reasonable ones.

I’ll continue to read what my mood calls for. I don’t have a set number of African, Caribbean or African-American books to read nor do I have a specific number of books written by women or men I’d like to read either. I like to track books read each year via Goodreads, so entering the Goodreads Reading Challenge helps me do that. Every year I like to declare a goal of at least 18 books as a set point, just to help me gauge my reading experience for the year. I’ll probably read a fewer number of books this year as DENTAL SCHOOL life is very real at the moment. I’ll just be going with the flow – no need to make reading stressful. Reading isn’t a race or competition – at least not for me.

Below are some intentions I’ll be considering during the year:

[Some books I plan to (re)read during the first quarter of the year]


  • To READ MORE GHANAIAN LITERATURE. 2 years ago during Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary, I showcased over 75 Ghanaian writers and their books. It was a daunting, yet fulfilling mini project that I’m very proud of! As I was researching the writers and books for the project, I realized I had read just a handful of the books highlighted.

As a Ghanaian, its important for me to read and celebrate the work of writers from my homeland. I recently decided (on Twitter) to start the #ReadGhanaian Book Challenge. Ever since I announced the book challenge with the guidelines (below), many other readers seem to be participating as well! I hope to read at least 5 books by Ghanaian writers this year. Please join me in this challenge, if you can! Ghanaian literature is so underrated.


  • To RE-READ BOOKS I LOVED IN THE PAST. Some readers don’t believe in re-reading books. We live in an age where the hype of new releases makes us forget the phenomenal books of earlier years. I personally don’t think books are meant to be read and forgotten. Books should be read, meditated on and read AGAIN whenever the need arises. So this year, I want to try and re-read at least 3 books I loved in the past (that haven’t been reviewed on this platform). I’m currently re-reading Americanah. The first time I read Adichie’s masterpiece was back in 2013, in October – a whole year before the concept of African Book Addict! was even conceived. So far, this re-read is triggering, but still a glorious experience!


  • To CATCH UP ON MY BOOK REVIEWS. I’ve incorporated interesting book chats and discussions onto this platform. I plan on continuing the book chats, but I must stay true to the essence of this book blog – which was initially (and still is) a book reviewing / book recommendations space. I have a growing backlog of book reviews from previous years that I plan on posting throughout this year.


I think Bookstagram has been quite distracting for me. While I’ll always value excellent (book) blogs over Bookstagram (this is just my preference – don’t come for me!), it’s a bit easier interacting with other readers and posts on that platform especially since it’s photo-based with less text. Regardless, community is very important to me and I’d like to get back to interacting with other bloggers and writers on their various blogs/websites. I miss the camaraderie and recommendations (of books, TV shows, movies, podcasts) I used to receive from these interactions.


  • To LISTEN TO AT LEAST 3 AUDIOBOOKS. Back in August, I reviewed 4 excellent audiobooks. As an avid consumer of numerous podcasts, audiobooks – especially essay collections and non-fiction (read by the author), act as extended podcast episodes for me. I’d love to indulge in Michelle Obama’s memoir via audiobook this year, as well as two other gems. I’m open to any great recommendations!


  • To continue to READ FOR AT LEAST 40 MINUTES A DAY. I’m a 5th year dental student (I’m in a 6-year program) so my nose always has to be in a textbook, in group-study discussions or in the lab/clinic completing requirements and attending to patients. But if I’m able to continue to dedicate 40 minutes a day to just reading leisurely, I think that would keep me sane.


I have other intentions – like, collaborating with other creatives, donating to more literary causes, planning events etc. But these intentions are a bit more personal and will be shared if/when the time is right!


Here’s to a successful year of reading (with few reading slumps), for all of us!

It’s almost the end of the 1st month of 2019, have you figured out your reading intentions/goals yet? Please do share some!

15 thoughts on “2019 READING INTENTIONS

    1. I like your reading intentions! Reading more slowly is a treat. I don’t understand how people participate in readathons and still enjoy the books they read haha. I hope to interact with you more this year! Thanks for stopping by x


  1. Hi Darkowaa! I love the reading intentions that you have set for 2019. I want to set some before January is over. I intend to participate in the #ReadGhanaian🇬🇭 challenge, but I’m trying not to start the year out purchasing new books – I’m not sure that I have 5 Ghanaian writers in my personal library; of course I can’t rule out the public library, but….I really appreciate what you’ve written about re-reading books, and I have a strong yearning to do that because I feel that I read more deeply right now, and I’m curious to know how I will receive some of the books I’ve read in the past. I always look forward to what you contribute to whatever discussion is to be had over on my blog, so thank you so much for reading and engaging, there💖. Judging from the standard that I enjoy here at “African Book Addict!” I’ve made the assumption that you are a dedicated student striving for excellence in Dental School. Get it❣️👊🏾

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    1. Leslie! Thanks for reading and for the kind words, always! Saaaame – I read more deeply nowadays. Since I’m re-reading Americanah, I’m paying more attention to certain sentences and meditating more on the meaning behind some of the things Adichie writes. It’s making me read the novel slower than I’d like, but it’s still enjoyable. I’d like to see what books you re-read this year and how you’ll receive them. And yes, I’m trying to strive for excellence in dental school haha. Can’t wait to be done! ugh. Catch you over on your blog! ❤

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  2. I like the reading intentions you have listed here, Darkowaa. Yea man, take it easy with the reading and don’t stress it. You do what you can when you can.
    All the best with dental school! I know it can get intense. I have friends who’ve been through such programs.
    Also, am hoping to read Friday Black this year. I’m convinced it’s fantasy, but I don’t know for sure. So I gotta read it to find out.

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      1. Happy New Year, Darkowaa!!
        Yea man! I’d love to do a buddy-read of it. 🙂 I’m thinking sometime around end of February into March, but lemme know when you’re available to do it and I’ll work with your timeline.

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  3. Enjoyed reading this. I love bookstagram tho but I get how you prefer actual blogs.

    I love the no pressure bit. Reading should be fun.

    I intend to read 60 books but of course it depends on how I’m feeling as I have a couple of professional exams coming up.

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    1. Thanks for reading! Hmmm, I have so many thoughts on Bookstagram – I might do a full post on it. 60 books this year sounds great! All the best with your exams, sis! (am I talking to the doctor right now?)

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