2017 New Releases to Anticipate!

Happy New Year, everyone!

What books are you excited to read this year? Below are some (this is just a snippet of books 2017 has to offer!) new African, African-American and Caribbean novels that look very promising.

Please click on the images to read the blurbs and/or to purchase the books.

(this post contains Amazon affiliate links)

Other books to look out for:

What new releases are you excited about? Please do share!

21 thoughts on “2017 New Releases to Anticipate!

  1. Yaay! I saw most of these books as well when I checked for 2017 books! I found two others I’d really love to read;
    •Dancing The Death Drill by Fred Khumalo
    •The Architecture of Loss by Z.P.Dala
    Great post! 💙

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  2. Reading one at the moment, already own two, Pre-ordered one last year, and interested in reading 4 more. However I’m not going to run out and go crazy. I want to focus on the books I already have while sprinkling in some new ones. It’s all about #backlistbuddies Thanks or the post though. IT’s everything I love. 🙂

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    1. Hey Didi! Which one did you pre-order? I read The January Children (thanks to Netgalley) late last year and will review it soon. Yeah, I’m with you – I NEED to read my own books before I go purchasing any more lol.


    1. Right?! It’s overwhelming and awesome at the same time lol – and this ain’t even all of them! I’ve only read one so far and I’m really keen to read Morgan Parker’s collection. But honestly, I need to read my own damn books before I indulge in this year’s releases. Happy New Year, Leslie! 🙂


  3. So many wonderful books. I have read and reviewed Stay with Me and Rest in Power. Both were really wonderful reads. I really want to read Abubakar’s book and Adua looks good. I will definitely be on the lookout for all these books. Thanks for sharing.

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